Jacinta the bitch in heat

I am about to finish my high school studies, I am 15 years old, I am not very applied in my studies but I get good grades, I have a friend named Ricardo, we have always been together since kindergarten, the theme is that one day his mother saw me the cock stopped because I was masturbating in the bathroom and forgot to put him safe.

His mother's name is Jacinta, she is 40 years old, she is somewhat thin, big tits, she takes Herbalife products, that is why she has that body.

After he saw me masturbating, he began to take more with me, he talked more, he even offered me that I will stay to sleep but I felt sorry.

One day my friend and I were at her house, I went to the bathroom, suddenly she came in, she was staring at my dick, she took my dick with her hand, she didn't mind that she got wet with my pee and she said-how big it is, how I would like you to penetrate me.

I was shocked with what he had said, then he left and went to the kitchen, all the while he kept whistling while he cooked, when he finished cooking he spoke to my friend and me.

When we were eating, she began to touch my penis with her foot, my cock was starting to get hard, I took that beast out of its cage, her fingers brushed against my glans, I stopped doing those things and we finished eating. the

As was the custom, almost at dusk I was going to my house, so I said goodbye to Doña Jacinta and Erick, but her mother said-you can stay if you want, they have no classes tomorrow, I take the cell phone and I dial my mother, no I know what he said but my mother accepted.

We went to play soccer for a while at the corner courts, we returned at 9:00 pm, at that time, Doña Jacinta was freshly bathed, wearing a medium transparent pajamas, long in front and short in back, showing her buttocks along with that white thong.

The three of us started watching TV, I sat in front of her to admire those two great reasons to stay, so time passed, Erick fell asleep soundly, he took off her big tits from her curve, they were divine, those delicacies brown nipples, she took off the transparent pajamas, then the thong, showed her depilated pelvic area.

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